About torrentproject.se


torrentproject.se is a torrent search engine. Like google but just for torrents.

torrentproject.se is still under development in beta-testing mode, feedback is very valuable, please report any problems or bugs.

Now 26,699,126 torrents are indexed. Every day new torrents are added and old torrents with 0 seeders for more than a week are removed from the index.

Hard working robots are maintaining the search engine up-to-date. Many trackers are checked every day for seeders and leechers.

Apis have been developed making life easier for people who understand how to use them.

Search Operators
Phrase search ("")

By putting double quotes around a set of words, you are telling torrentproject.se to search for the exact words in that exact order. example ["Ubuntu dvd"]

Time search (number(s) day/month)

for example [Ubuntu 0day] will search for ubuntu found the last 24 hours other examples could be [Ubuntu 0 day], [Ubuntu 5days], [5 days Ubuntu], [7months Ubuntu]

Terms you want to exclude (-)

Attaching the minus sign immediately before a word, will exclude torrents that contain this word.


This site is working thanks to open source applications. Freebsd, nginx, memcache, Sphinx, mysql, php and APC.

What is a torrent?

If you don't know the answer read this article A Beginner’s Guide to Bittorrent.

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